Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012 – Bittersweet But Delicious…or, Why I’m in love with Laura Buzo.

I have a secret to tell you. I have a crush. Not just any old crush, but a full blown I-want-to-read-everything-you’ve-ever-written-including-that-shopping-list-you-scribbled-down-last-week kind of crush. And it’s on Sydney based young adult author, Laura Buzo.

She’s amazing. Her stories tell tales of longing and grief in suburbia. Her writing is full of wit, grit and feeling. Her female leads are well-read, funny and strong. Her male characters are dangerously attractive. But above all, her books feel REAL.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of YA fiction, but a lot of the time, young adult books sound like they have been written by adults. You know, when they try to sound hip and funky (when no person under the age of 25 says things like ‘hip’ and ‘funky’)? Few have avoided this trap. Think Marchetta, Lawrinson and Crowley.
In Good Oil, 15 year old Woolworths employee Amelia falls hard for 21 year old Chris. What follows is a tale of lust and longing, of being too young to know what you really want, but wanting it anyway. So bad it hurts.

Buzo’s second novel, Holier Than Thou follows Holy and Nick, two twenty-something social workers in inner city Sydney, down the bumpy roads and dim alleyways of the heart.

If you want to try YA fiction, or are already a convert and looking for something to sink your teeth into, I highly recommend taking a bite out of Buzo’s work.



3 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012 – Bittersweet But Delicious…or, Why I’m in love with Laura Buzo.

  1. Of the authors you refer to, I’ve only read Cath Crowley. Her Graffiti Moon was brilliant. Other stand-out YA books I’ve read for the AWW challenge are Kirsty Eagar’s Raw Blue, Kelly Gardiner’s A Touch of Faith and Jessica Au’s Cargo. Also Eva Hornung’s Dog Boy, if you count that as YA. I look forward to discovering the others you mention.

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