Summer Time and the Reading is Easy – New Fiction Available at Nowra Library

Here’s a list of new fiction available at Nowra Library this January.readershavenbeach-064.jpg

AITKEN, Mark  Strikeforce Lightning (THR)

ALDERMAN, Naomi The Liars’ Gospel (HIS)

ARNOTT, Jake The House of Rumour (FAN)

ATHANASOU, Nikos The Person of the Man (GEN)

BLYTH, Henry  Mr Jones’ Men (THR)

BOLANO, Roberto Woes of the True Policeman  (GEN)

CAIN, Tom  Revenger  (THR)

CARVER, Will The Two (MYS)

CELASIN, Izzet Black Sky, Black Sea (GEN)

CHALLINOR, Deborah Behind the Sun (HIS)

CLANCY, Tom Threat Vector (THR)

CONDON, Matthew The Toe Tag Quintet (MYS)

CONWAY, Millie  From Essex to Chelsea with Love (GEN)

COOK, Pamela Blackwattle Lake (AUS)

CRAWFORD, Tad A Floating Life (GEN)

CRISP, Gemma  Be Careful What You Wish For (GEN)

DOYLE, Roddy Two Pints (HUM)

DUNN, Carola The Valley of the Shadow (MYS)

FOLEY, Gaelen My Scandalous Viscount (ROM)

FOSTER, Sara  Shallow Breath (THR)

FURNIVALL, Kate Shadows on the Nile (ROM)

GAMBOA, Santiago Necropolis (GEN)

GREAVES, C Joseph Hard Twisted (MYS)

HILL, Susan A Question of Identity (MYS)

HILTON, Lisa  Wolves in Winter (HIS)

HOFFMAN, Samantha What More Could You Wish For (GEN)

JOHNSON, Rachel  Winter Games (HIS)

JOYCE,  Rachel The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (GEN)

KANE, Wyndam The Arochmur (HIS)

KHALIFA, Khaled  In Praise of Hatred (GEN)

KIERNAN, Alan Section Alpha (AUS)

KRENTZ, Jayne Ann Legacy (ROM)

LEE, Jonathan Joy (GEN)

MAYLE, Peter The Marseille Caper (MYS)

MOORE, Meg So Far Away (GEN)

NEVILL, Adam Last Days (HOR)

PADEL, Ruth The Mara Crossing (GEN)

PALMER, Michael Political Suicide (THR)

PILGRIM, Kitty The Stolen Chalice (THR)

PILKEY, Brent Secret Rage (MYS)

POWERS, Tim Hide Me Among the Graves (PAR)

REAY, Joanne Romeo Spikes (FAN)

REILLY, Martina Even Better Than the Real Thing (ROM)

ROBARDS, Karen Shiver (GEN)

ROBINSON, Patrick Power Play (THR)

SCALZI, John Redshirts (SFi)

SHEPHERD, Lloyd  The English Monster (THR)

SIEVWRIGHT, Ashley Walter (AUS)

SINGH, Nalini Tangle of Need (FAN)

SOMERVILLE,  Patrick This Bright River (GEN)

TELLES, Lygia  The Girl in the Photograph(GEN)

TREASURE, Rachael Fifty Bales of Hay  (AUS)

TSUKIYAMA, Gail A Hundred Flowers (HIS)

ULGEZER, Alice The Memory of Salt (GEN)

VINE, Barbara The Child’s Child (GEN)

WAX, Wendy Ocean Beach (GEN)


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