Down to the Knitty-gritty.

It’s getting colder! Maybe you’re thinking of digging out those needles or that crochet hook and starting a new woolley winter project?

May I suggest heading over here and NOT choosing one of these. (Unless of course you fancy knitting or crochetting inedible food items, completely useless objects or freaky voodoo-like effigies of famous people. In which case: ‘Have I got the blog for you!?”)


But look if none of that tickles your fancy, maybe just a spot of Yarn Bombing. Always puts a smile on my face 🙂

Otherwise, checkout the handcrafts section at our library! Myself; I think I’ll stick to scarves and baby blankets 😉

The Casual Librarian  xx


no really – that’s a book???

One of my favourite, favourite parts of being a librarian (there’s lots of favourite parts, but this is just one!) is when you happen across a book that really makes you do a double-take. You know, the books that make you shake your head and think “REALLY?! Someone actually thought the world needed a book about that? Someone actuall SAT DOWN AND WROTE a book about that???”

Often, these weirdities are just too good too keep to myself and I HAVE to share them! Pop on over here and have a look at my collection so far…

spine facing out – blogging from the BookTARDIS

And remember: if you ever come across a WTF Book, please PLEASE take a pic and email it to me at so we can share the weirdness with the world!

The Casual Librarian xx

2012 Eclectic Reader Challange – COMPLETE!

Finally finished the challenge! One book a month for each month of the year, comprising 12 different genres. What a great reading challenge – I cant wait to see what Shelley Rae has planned for 2013!

To view my year’s reading – click HERE.

Also, reading one of my favourite childhood reads for the final month go me thinking… What favourite book do you hope to pass on to your kids? (A love of books and reading is a gift that lasts forever, after all.)

Let me know what you’ve been reading!

The Casual Librarian xx