A gorgeous green and gold visitor at Nowra Library

The Green and Golden Bell frog outside Nowra Library today

We had a beautiful visitor today at Nowra Library- a gorgeous Green and Golden Bell Frog. These frogs are ground dwellers and native to Eastern Australia. They can reach up to 11cm in length, making them one of Australia’s largest frogs.

In recent times these frogs have experienced major population declines and, as a result, they are currently classified as globally vulnerable.

In 2011 Shoalhaven City Council launched a highly successful Green and Golden Bell Frog protection program, which enabled Council to manage the exploding local Bell Frog populations and protect the species’ natural habitat. Council worked with the Department of Environment, Climate Change & Water, frog experts and community members to ensure the continued well-being of this iconic frog species. The success of the project led to Shoalhaven City Council becoming a finalist in the 2011 Local Government Excellence in the Environment Awards.

It’s great to see the result of all that hard work enjoying the gardens here at Nowra Library.